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Social awareness

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Prevention is better than cure

In order to effectively prevent dangerous events in the public, at work and at home, it is essential to establish healthy habits among the people with whom we share common space.

The first step in the process of developing social awareness and responsibility is the identification of potential threats and risks.

In public spaces, door handles, just like banknotes and coins, are the most common habitat of viruses and bacteria.

Social awareness

Identify risks

Typical places where door handles are particularly prone to the cumulation of viruses and bacteria:

public and workplace toilets_gold

Public and workplace toilets

social area_gold

Social areas in companies

public offices_gold

Public offices

post offices_gold

Post offices



health centres_gold

Health centres

grocery and beauty suppy shops_gold

Grocery and beauty supply shops



Product awareness

Safe door opening system

The Gligo-Tech Hands-Free Door Opener is a functional and safe door opening system which enables household members, colleagues and customers to operate doors with their forearm. This offers a comfortable, quick and hygienic alternative to the traditional way of opening and closing doors without touching a door handle with your hand.


Goal: simple and effective assembly

Each Hands-Free Door Opener is delivered to the customer in the complete assembly set, which contains the following elements: a door handle hook with a protective non-slip pad which ensures a stable installation of the hook and protects the door handle from potential damage; informative sticker, installation guide and screws of three lengths to be used depending on the diameter of the door handle.

Everyone will be able to install our Hands-Free Door Opener. The application is intuitive and effortless.

Product awareness

Why choose Gligo-Tech

The key benefits of applying the Gligo-Tech Hands-Free Door Opener are:



Protection of employees and customers against the risk resulting from the accumulation of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the door handle


Healthy habits

Developing a healthy habit among the employees which can also prevent them from infection outside the working place



Savings resulting from ensuring health and safety at work without the need to replace any manually opening doors


Durability of aluminium

Due to the durability of the metal construction, a one-time expense becomes a long-term investment


Easily sterilizable

The product is easily and effectively sterilizable thanks to its smooth surface and oval shape


Positive image

Creating a positive image of a company devoted to employee and customer safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gligo-Tech Hands-Free Door Opener universal enough to fit any door handle type?

Yes, it is! Our engineers have developed a product adjustable to door handles of any shape and thickness. Each assembly set includes a door opener with a protective non-slip pad which ensures a stable installation of the hook and protects the door handle from potential damage. In the set you will also find installation guide and screws of three lengths to be used depending on the diameter of the door handle.

How will a person staying in a public space know that they are confronted with a safe door opening system?

Each set includes a sticker that we recommend applying to the door right over the hook. The sticker depicts a graphic that shows the user how to use the door handle hook as well as the following phrase whose objective is to positively influence the attitude of the reader: “Stop the virus! Open the door with your forearm”.

Does the installation of the Hands-Free Door Opener require the support of a professional installer?

Definitely not.  Each set includes a clear and concise manual and everything that is necessary for the installation including a hex key.

Can I fix the Gligo-Tech Hands-Free Door Opener to a door handle of an external door?

The whole structure is non-corrosive, so, there is no obstacle to fixing the product to external doors.

Why is the Gligo-Tech Hands-Free Door Opener made of metal and not of plastic?

There are three reasons why we have chosen an anodized metal system:

1. A metal construction is more durable than one made of plastic. A door handle hook is a new product on the market and people have no experience in using it, which might cause the risk of putting too much energy into the use of the product and damaging it as a consequence. A metal construction eliminates that risk.

2. We see the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic as the beginning of persistent changes to the perception of health and safety in the public. We decided to develop a product with an easily sterilizable surface. Uneven plastic surfaces, as opposed to metal, cannot be disinfected completely.

3. A metal door handle and a metal hook combined together form a consistent and aesthetic unit.

Will the Gligo-Tech Hands-Free Door Opener fit any door?

Yes, it is a universal product for both right-hand and left-hand doors as well for as internal and external doors.

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